Map of San Antonio de Bexar

Map of San Antonio de Bexar

This is a cleaned-up, annotated version of a military map drawn by a Mexican army engineer.


  • In town and La Villita, the outlines probably denote walled properties rather than discrete buildings.
  • San Pedro Creek and the irrigation ditches around the Alamo were crossable at any point. The river was fordable at many points.
  • The ponds to the east of the Alamo were shallow. Beyond them was a peach orchard.
  • Parts of the irrigation ditches are on the map, and other parts are conjectured or taken from other sources.
  • The north side of the Alamo compound was a crumbling wall that was braced from the outside with a timber palisade. (It was heavily damaged during the siege of Bexar when it was used for target practice by Texan gunners.) The timbers could be climbed and the north wall became the focus of the final assault.
  • The other walls were largely lined on the inside with small covered rooms. Some had small earth ramps for cannons shooting through windows. Other rooms (especially the northwest and southwest corners) were filled for ramps that let cannons shoot over the walls.
  • The interior of the chapel was largely filled with an earth ramp leading to the east wall, supporting several small cannon.
  • The long barrack (or convent) was probably one building, although this map hints at two separated buildings. The southern end had two stories and was referred to as the hospital.
  • The Alamo was on a slight elevation, looking down on the town.

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