Battle of the Alamo


American frontiersmen -- including some of their most colorful leaders -- gather to support a revolution against a foreign despot, and hold out against massive odds. Until the climatic moment when they're annihilated, taking large numbers of the enemy with them. Their sacrifice changes history.

There's one thing wrong about this romantic tale, one that sets it apart from others like it:

It did happen, as described.

And since then the Alamo has lodged itself deeply into the American psyche -- and for reasons that have nothing to do with combative pride, jingoism, or juvenile fascination with gore. No, it has to do with the fact that we gauge our experiences against the extreme situations, not against average ones.

And the Alamo represents one such extreme. It teaches us that even if you're surrounded, outnumbered ten to one, they've announced they're taking no prisoners, and they're pouring over the walls, within your soul you still have options. You can decide that something is worth dying for. That here is where you will stand. That here is where you will draw the line.

there is such as thing as victory in death.
there is such as thing as immortality.
if something is worth dying for, that means it is also worth living for.

Written by Lamont Wood. The opinions and mistakes herein are his alone.

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Table of Contents
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