NuMedia Group Inc.
Heart of San Antonio Advertising Rates
Advertising Tiers I II III
 Banner Ads a
   Fixed Rate1 $750 $450 $250
   $ / 1,000 Pageviews2 $40 $30 $15
   $ / Click-Thru3 $0.50 $0.50 $0.50
 Environmental Ads b
   Fixed Rate1 $950 $550 $350
   $ / 1,000 Pageviews2 $50 $40 $25
   $ / Click-Thru3 $0.50 $0.50 $0.50
Glossary of Terms
  1. Banner Ads are the graphic ads you see on most sites. To keep our pages as clean as possible, we limit the size and number of banner ad locations we provide on any given page. Most pages are limited to one location and half size ads, with multiple rotation spots for that location. For example: SAMarketPlace has one banner ad location on its front page. That location has three rotations. This means that we will sell three spots, each spot being seen by every third person coming to the site. Advertisers wanting 2/3 or 100% of the visitors to that page to see their message can purchase additional spots in that banner’s rotation.

    Banner ads come in two standard sizes: full (468x60) and half (234x60). You can use gifs, jpgs and animated gifs. Animated gifs attract the most attention, resulting in greater awarness of your message and increased click-thrus.

  2. Environmental Ads are messages embodied within the context of the content itself. These ads provide the highest click-thru rates of any form. Obviously your name or product must “fit the context” and we have many pages of information that just about any business or product can be promoted in this manner. If necessary, we can create a new page or an entire new area that will fit your business or product.

    The highly coveted front page of Heart of San Antonio has four environmental spots with three rotations each, for up to 12 environmental ads. These are presented as text links (best click-thru ratio of all ad types) under the section “HoSA’s Top Picks!”

  1. Fixed Rate Ads are for specialized pages or areas which you want to be the sole sponsor. These positions are pre-paid and their rates do not flucutate during the term of the contract for increases or decreases in pageviews or click-thrus.

  2. Pageviews occur everytime a visitor sees a page. This is the most common method of charging for web advertising. You pay for only the number of visitors who saw your ad. If you need a fixed cost for your ad budget, you can set a fixed dollar limit on how much you will spend for a given period and we’ll limit the number of times your ad is displayed. Think of it as you would a postage meter, buy as much exposure as you want and “refill” it as necessary. One caveat...if your spot runs out and someone else wants it, you will not be able to get back in the rotation until a spot becomes available.

  3. Click-Thrus, the ultimate goal of any ad, are when a visitor to a page sees your ad and clicks on it to go to your site for more information or to purchase your products. Obviously, for click-thrus to work, you must have a website for them to “click-thru” to. If you don’t have any where for them to go, your ad loses the immediacy and interactivity only the Internet provides.

Advertising Tier Examples:

I - Front page of a major entry section: Heart of San Antonio; SAMarketPlace; Texas Tourism; Lodging-Net; Virtual Tours

II - Front page of a popular section: Weather; Traffic; SA Live; Just-4-Fun; Coupons; Best of SA; Event Calendar; Expert Forums; Group Reservation Request; Contests/Giveaways; Special Promotions; and many others.

III - Front page of normal section and Secondary pages for Tier I or Tier II areas.

Prices and site classifications are subject to change without notice. Active contracts will not change unless the price decreases.