NIOSA 4-21-99

Can't have NIOSA without music!
 Ever the intrepid photojournalist, Raoul returns to NIOSA the following night and takes you smackdab into the middle of the madness they call College Night!

    Raoul guts it up and dives back into the wildest, most packed nite of the party. With the corridors jammed to 110% capacity, Raoul found several excellent vantage points where he wouldn't be crushed and could take shots of something other than the back someone's head.
    First stop was the first level before you decend into the throng. Not only was it a great spot, Raoul's favorite Bluegrass group was playing. Hank Harrison and his Tennessee Valley Authority were entertaining the "Night in Old San Antonio" crowd from the bandstand. Hank's better half, Polly, has her own group called Small World. They play at the Landing on the Riverwalk and are one of the most popular and versatile groups in the city. Anytime you hear about one of their groups playing somewhere, put it on your calendar.
    Raoul stopped by the chicken booth for a few shots of the crew and ran across some friends along the way. No names, they'll be able to spot themselves and Raoul always strives to protect the guilty.
    Raoul said he was once again mistaken for a movie star...this time it was Michael J. Fox. Yeah, right-maybe his father.

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