Chicken on-a-Stick Nite-Wed 04-21-99

Over 150 Pictures!
College Nite-Thurs 04-22-99

Over 150 Pictures!

Market Square Plus More!
Market Square's Fiesta

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NIOSA! Texas' biggest Party!
San Antonio's Night in Old San Antonio
    NIOSA is a mob scene with over 25,000 packed in each night of its 4-day run and Raoul Nachi's favorite party so tag along as he takes you behind the scenes and through the crowds.
    On Chicken Nite, Raoul spends most of his time in and around the Yak-I-Tori (chicken-on-a-stick) booth with his friends, so if you've ever wondered how it feels to be behind the counter in one of the food booths, this should be your first stop. Raoul does venture out around the grounds to give you a sense of what it's like. If you were there on Wednesday night, you just might be in one of his many pics.
    Thursday night is College Nite and Raoul returns to cruise the party, snapping pics of everyone, especially the beautiful girls NIOSA is famous for attracting.
    The slide shows require a Javascript compatible browser as does the cool jukebox he's included for your listening pleasure while you enjoy NIOSA!

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