NIOSA 4-21-99

Can't have NIOSA without music!
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 It was a beautiful night for NIOSA and Raoul had been tasked to the Yak-I-Tori (chicken-on-a-stick) booth...

    Raoul takes you behind the scenes for an upclose look at the fun and frivolity reserved for "Night in Old San Antonio" booth workers. Follow Raoul as he enters the grounds and spends the first half-hour of his shift trying to find the booth. Travel with Raoul as he hits the beer booth to ferry much needed refreshment to his co-workers. Tag along as he hits the head and see, for the first time anywhere, the exclusive facilities reserved for workers only.
    As the sun sets and booth lights come on, the quality of the pictures changes abruptly but Raoul saves the day pulling incredible detail out of seemingly black images!

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