Paseo Del Rio Association's
1999 Canoe Challenge

Saturday, August 21, 1999


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Corporate moguls, celebrities, scouts, Alexis, Breanne, the Spurs Coyote and the Bud Girls...what more could you ask for?

The course was different this year. Instead of turning at the Mall/Convention Center turnoff and finishing at the Greater Chamber of Commerce, the course went all the way around the horseshoe and back up the channel to our starting point at IBC Plaza...someone said 1.7 miles but I think he musta shifted the decimal. Anyway, Raoul and Davy set a new record of 38:21:42! They caught a turn they should have missed and ended up at Rivercenter Mall. After a breakfast taco and a Bloody Mary (just kidding), they found their way back to the course and blazed across the finish line! The amazing thing is they stayed dry the whole way.

One of the local celeb teams wasn't so lucky. They hit the drink two or three times but did manage to cross the finish line in their canoe. When the Bud team hit the water, their canoe was like a magnet, drawing the male canoers like moths to a candle. As they passed under the first bridge, it was one big traffic jam. If you haven't figured out which canoe was the Budboat, it's the one with a couple of Bud Girls along for the ride.

We'll post the winners' names as soon as we get the official list. We do know the ExpressNews team smoked everybody in their about 5 minutes. Did anyone check their canoe for a hidden motor..?

Something about a canoe race to make you want to break out your favorite hat. Raoul had on his "Believe" Santa cap and, as you'd expect, Davy wore his coonskin. Their buddy, Greg, was walking around with a fish sticking out of his head. Always creative, Breanne figured having her picture taken in Raoul and Davy's caps would surely impress the guys back at SWT. Greg couldn't get the fish outta his head so she missed the best one of all. Alexis got to the races too late to wear the hats before they got wet and was she ever disappointed! Hey, you snooze, you looze.

After the race, the team made a beeline for AH Burrito's for real breakfast tacos. Next year, be sure to sign up for the race. It's great fun and the money goes to a good cause.