1999 Cowboy Breakfast


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283 pictures of the People and the Breakfast Party!
The Story Behind the Pictures
Get up before dawn, slip on your boots and jeans and mosey on down to the feed lot for breakfast with 10,000 of your closest friends. Yep, that's what we do once a year to celebrate the beginning of the San Antonio Rodeo and Stock Show. Besides great food and hot coffee, there were three stages with continuous music, a ring-the-bell setup and a cowchip toss contest. If you've ever wondered who makes it down, rain or shine, join Raoul for the 1999 Cowboy Breakfast.

Raoul takes you through from the beginning, before sunrise, to the end about 9am when just about everybody has left for school or work. You'll notice an abundance of purty young things who stopped by before going on to school. The Cowboy Breakfast is fast becoming the thing to do for the high school set, much to the delight of all the cowboys-regardless of age.