Trout Fishin in Baffin Bay, Texas
Sunday, August 15, 1999


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You shoulda been there...
102°, 97 pictures and 50 delicious speckled trout.
The Story Behind the Pictures
It was a warm morning when we left Corpus at 4:30am for Baffin Bay. We got to the "Baffin Bay Yacht Club" at 0-dark thirty and were on the water shortly thereafter. Our crack guide, Les Cobb, knew all the best spots and we hit em all. Luckly, the winds didn't come up and we had nice, calm water which the trout love. The water temperature was about 85° which was about 20° cooler than the air once the sun came up. Speaking of which, it was a really nice sunrise with the early morning fog hugging the shorelines of the King and Kenedy ranches. No one brought sunscreen so we pretty well fried under the hot sun. The water in the bay runs from about 18" to 8' deep with sandbars and rocks to keep you on your toes. Les had a GPS to make sure we didn't go aground or rip the bottom of the boat out on the rocks. The pier you see in the pictures, around the pelicans on the beach, is on the King Ranch. It was built for the ranch hands to use, but storms and hurricanes have pretty much destroyed it over the years.

We had the obligatory visit from the game warden and passed inspection for life vests, fire extinguisher and fish limit (we had 44 of the 50 we were allowed when he dropped by). As it was starting to get really hot and the trout were slowing down, the last 6 took almost as long to catch as the first 44. Bro Pedro caught the last and largest trout of the day, a 28" beauty, which was only fitting since he was hosting the trip. Thanks Bro, it was great fun! We finished up and were back at the BBYC a little after 1pm.

Les is in high demand for Baffin Bay fishing, guides only Monday-Friday and has trips booked into late next year. If you want to do a little bay fishing, he's the guy to see. His phone number is (512) 296-3353.

That's Les in the red cap, Pedro in the kaki with the cigar, Bro Tomas in the white shirt and Pop in the blue hat. Raoul didn't get in any of the fishing pictures but he did make it in a couple of the fish rack pictures.

After Les cleaned and fileted the catch, you should see him work his electric skinning knife, we stopped for lunch in Rivera and stuffed ourselves on chicken fried steak and Mexican food. After a meal like that, it was a long, sleepy trip back to SA but we ended up with about 30 lbs of fresh trout filets and they are delicious!

Raoul wants to thank his beautiful wife since he had to miss her birthday for the fishin trip and she didn't even mind, too much... So, Happy Birthday, TA! Thanks! You're wonderful!