1999 Texas Folklife Festival - San Antonio, Texas
Saturday, August 7, 1999


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186 pictures of a hot Saturday at the Texas Folklife Festival
The Story Behind the Pictures
While the Texas Folklife Festival ran from Thursday evening through Sunday evening, Raoul could only do Saturday. He waited until about 7PM, hoping the setting sun would provide interesting lighting and cooler temperatures. Well, he was right about the light. It was still hotter than heck, but that's to be expected in August in San Antonio. Walk around the grounds with Raoul as he scopes it out looking for food and refreshment. Lots of food booths, craft booths, demonstrations and music everywhere! When you attend in person next year, dress cool and take your time. Get something to eat and drink and park yourself at one of the concert pavillions to cool off. Let the kids enjoy sledding down the berms on cardboard flats and flying kites while you seek out the Ozarka booth for free ice water. That was a nice touch everyone appreciated since the heat made it mandatory to partake of much liquid refreshment and at a couple of bucks a hit, it gets pretty expensive pretty quickly. Raoul gives Ozarka the "Best Neighbor" award.

You'll notice that although there were probably as many, if not more, people than at NIOSA, it was not crowded and finding a place to sit awhile was no problem. Everyone was having a great time. It really is an event suitable for all ages. See you there next year!

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