Gruene Hall - Johnny Dee & The Rocket 88s
 Gruene Hall - Johnny Dee & The Rocket 88s

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The Story Behind the Pictures

You shoulda been there...
172 pictures of the July 3, 1999, Johnny Dee & The Rocket 88s concert at Gruene Hall in Gruene, Texas. What a great place for everyone to enjoy!

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The Story Behind the Pictues
It'd been about 20 years since Raoul had been to Gruene Hall and he'd forgotten just how great a place it is. The music was great, the beer cold and the girls pretty. What more could you ask for on a beautiful summer evening? Raoul and his party spent most of the time outside in the patio area where they could talk, hear the music and enjoy the crowd.

Raoul ventured inside several times to check out the dance floor and the band. You'll notice some pictures are mottled, that's from having to pull some detail out of a basically black photo. He used the flash occassionally, but didn't want to blind the dancers or get wacked with a cue stick. But for the most part the pictures came out great and if you were there, especially outside, you'll probably see yourself or a friend.

If you haven't been to Gruene Hall, take the time to make a concert or spend some time after tubing some of the finest Guadalupe River stretches anywhere. Dinner at the Gristmill overlooking the river is a treat anytime and if you can, stay over the night at one of the inns.

You'll notice in the pictures the age range at Gruene Hall is about 5-85, so pack up the family and head on out to Gruene, it's not just for young in years-it's for the young at heart!

There's so much to do in Gruene, you'll never get bored. There is a schedule of events on Gruene Hall's website; the city doesn't have one yet but rumor is it's being considered. Raoul gives Gruene and the Hall 4 Jalepeños!