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The Street Party

The Story Behind the Picts

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Raoul's Party Pics
Heart of San Antonio

You shoulda been there...
54 pictures of gouls, ghosts, goblins and pretty goils!
The Story Behind the Pictures
Raoul arrived shortly after sundown and the gouls, I mean crew, were already getting things in place. The barges all had their coffins and occupants aboard, bands were warming up and the crowd was getting restless. And, with a crowd of vampires, ghosts and assorted monsters, Greg was getting uneasy...

Finally all was in place and the trip down the river began. Raoul rode a float to take pictures of the crowds lining the banks of the Riverwalk instead of sitting on the riverbank taking pictures of the parade. Something different for a change.

The banks were lined the entire route and everyone, especially the little goblins, had a wonderful time.

After the parade ended, everyone headed for the South Bank parking lot for an open-air street party. Don't miss that...the costumes were unbelievable!