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Raoul's Party Pics
Heart of San Antonio

You shoulda been there...
74 pictures of gouls, ghosts, goblins and more pretty goils!
The Story Behind the Pictures
Ater a couple of hours on the barge, Raoul was ready to PARTY! Apparently, so was everyone else...about a thousand of Raoul's closest friends turned out, most in costume and some in costumes you'd expect only from a Hollyweird studio. After the Costume Contest, Raoul and a few friends headed over to the Rhino Room for another great party. While he was there, a gremlin got in his camera and did some pretty weird things to some of the pictures...you'll see.

If you missed the '98 parade and party, don't miss the 1999 bash! It'll be better than ever and cash prizes awarded for the 3 best costumes and there will be music, food and libations. The 1999 Coffins on Parade will be on both Saturday and Sunday nights from 7-9pm. The Street Party and Costume Contest (10pm) will be Saturday night (the 30th) only, so don't get confused and miss it. It kicks off at 6pm and you'll party till midnight. Stay and see which pumpkins turn into people...

Raoul will be there taking pictures and taping, that's right-Raoul has added video to his bag of tricks-and, if you aren't there, you won't get your picture taken...