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 Buckhorn Museum's Longhorn Stampede

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The Story Behind the Pictures

You shoulda been there...
67 pictures of the stampede and cowboy breakfast thrown by the Buckhorn Museum & Saloon to celebrate their return to downtown San Antonio and Grand Opening. Hundreds of photos from the Grand Opening party are being processed and will be available shortly.

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The Story Behind the Pictues
They said it'd be a cold day in you-know-where before they'd ever let them durn cowboys drive their cattle through the middle of downtown again, what with all the mess they make and San Antone being a right proper city now...

The Stampede
It was a cold winter morning when, for the first time in over half a century, San Antonio experienced a cattle drive through downtown. Over 50 head of prime beefsteak, I mean longhorn cattle, were stampeded down Houston Street to recreate the days when the Buckhorn Saloon was located downtown and celebrate its return from the Lone Star Brewery site. If you haven't visited the Buckhorn Museum & Saloon, don't miss it. The world's greatest collection of horns, mounts and bizarre western memorabilia is only a few steps away from the Alamo. Plan to have lunch in the saloon where you'll be entertained by some of the best card sharps and gunfighters this side of Dodge City.

The Cowboy Breakfast
After the cattledrive, everyone gathered across the street from the Buckhorn in a parking lot for an authentic, cowboy traildrive breakfast. A real, live longhorn was on hand for photos on his back. The cowboy band kept things lively for the adults while the kiddos climbed on the longhorn, rode a bronc and tried to rope a mechanical calf.

Across the street, colorful characters from San Antonio's past roamed the street giving instruction and history lessons to anyone who asked. The Buckhorn's Cowboy Cadillac drew everyone's attention, as it always does in local parades.

Those who didn't want to stand in line or wanted a little more substantial breakfast were keeping Rick and Janie busy in AH Burritos, the best little off-the-Riverwalk Mexican restaurant in downtown SA. By the way, AHB was awarded the Best of SA award for best puff tacos in San Antonio!