Engine No. 794's Last Run - San Antonio, Texas
Sunday, January 24, 1999


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144 pictures of No. 794's Sunday move and final setup!
The Story Behind the Pictures
For the second day, Raoul was up and downtown before sunup. The crew was already getting set for the big engine's move. Cranes were in place, huge flat-bed trucks were on their way from Houston and the crowd started arriving.

Lots of activity and preparations for moving something that weighs over a third of a million pounds! The engine was ready to be lifted and the crowd was waiting...the trucks got lost! When they finally showed up, it didn't take long to get them into place and old 794 hoisted aboard. After everything had been loaded and secured, workers pulled the spikes out of the ties and gave them to fans as momentos of the occassion. Sunset Station was passing out really cool, wooden train whistles. Once loaded, the streets were blocked and 794's caravan started to its new home...sloooowly.

People lined the street along almost the whole route. Hundreds had already arrived at Sunset Station in anticipation. And, after about a 20 minute trip, 794 turned the last corner and was home at last. It took another couple of hours to get everything in place and set it on the track.

While that was happening, a dozen or so trains wizzed past, blowing their whistles in salute to a revered railroad pioneer. And not letting an opportunity pass, Raoul showed the kids how to put pennies on the tracks for the next train to flatten. It soon spread up and down the tracks and there's no telling how many pennies, nickles and dimes were squashed paper-thin.

After it was safely on the track, it was pushed into place by another engine. Once in place and secured to the oil-tender, pictures were taken and the public let loose. It was truly a day to remember.


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