Engine No. 794's Last Run - San Antonio, Texas
3D Images


You shoulda been there...
21 3D pictures from Saturday and Sunday

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Momentos | Flat Money

Raoul's Party Pics | Heart of San Antonio

The Story Behind the Pictures
These are called crossed-eye 3D pictures. No glasses are required to see the effect. Just stare between the photos and slightly cross your eyes until the two images converge into a third image between the two. Once you've gotten the hang of it, you can snap into focus in an instant and look around inside the picture. It's really cool and worth the slight effort it takes to see the 3D effect. A second series will be put up that use the Red-Green glasses for those who like that method better.

Tip: Position your cursor on the "Next" button so when you get your eyes adjusted, you can click without having to look away and then refocus for the next picture. Once your eyes are focused for one picture, the others will automatically be focused when you click "Next." Keep clicking until you've gone through them at least twice and you'll notice your focus getting better with each image.